Our passion for serving our local communities and restaurants has enabled us to curate a unique product list of the best quality proteins. We aim to be able to serve all our customers whether they are a small concept restaurant, a large restaurant group, or a family of any size with our products.

The Chef

A true Chef knows that a great dish starts with the best quality ingredients. We provide Chefs with quality proteins that enhance their creations. With our unique selections of standard, specialty and exotic proteins, Chefs are able to experiment and create innovated dishes.


We offer restaurants of all sizes a wide range of products from standard cuts to exotic and specialty proteins. We provide them with the quantity they need and match that with quality and consistency to help ensure they are serving the best dishes to their customers.


We understand the importance of home cooked meals. Our family wants to serve you only the best in quality proteins to help feed your families. We offer standard proteins such as chicken, beef, pork and seafood and also specialty and exotic proteins for all you adventurous home cooks!



– The Workshop Eatery

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wild Game Consultants for most of my career in Edmonton. While their product is amongst the best in the business it is their service that truly sets them apart. Warren, and his entire team, will bend over backwards to ensure that we have the finest product to work with, and have been there to go above and beyond for us on many occasions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking a reliable meat and seafood supplier.”